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does a OnePlus Nord N10 5g work on boost ?

Does a OnePlus Nord N10 5g  cell phone work with Boost

If I were to buy one, what would I need to check ?  No, I can't access the setup screen, it's in a box many miles away and the customer service people will not open the box. 


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3 m ago

Hello, adfjhad. Thanks for your inquiry. You need to verify on our website to see if the device is compatible with our service. Here's the link: https://www.boostmobile.com/bring-your-phone.html?intnav=TopNav:Phones:BringYourPhone. You need to enter the device IMEI/MEID.


- JohnJ7

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The is a pre-purchase question. This important thing here is THAT I  DO NOT REPEAT, NOT , HAVE THE PHONE yet.  So without the phone, how do you get the IMEI/MEID number. To this question, the helpful chat people told me to click the settings tile. 

Why isn't there a list of phones by manufacturer and model and config that will work on Boost Mobile ? Is there such a list? Does anyone know how to get an IMIE/MEID number BEFORE BUYING THE PHONE ?  Sorry if the caps offend anyone, but it's important to understand what I'm looking for.  The chat bots don't because no one though that someone might want to know if the phone that they are buying might work on the network?  - response appreciated. 

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Sorry. We do not have a list of compatible devices. The only way to verify if a device is compatible with our network is using the Bring Your Own Device Compatibility Check Tool on our website. https://boost.co/3eRWTFU - Royt

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1 m ago

This is why I'm leaving Boost Mobile.  The service quality has gone considerably downhill since Dish is at the helm and they answer questions like this.  I bought an unlocked N10 that supports cdma, lte, etc. and works on the same channels as my current phone but they will not activate it because they will not help with phone's that are not in the database (NMS error).  T-Mobile has said that the phone is highly compatible with their network but my particular phone for some reason doesn't show the network unlock status.  I asked what does that mean and they said, 'the IMEI is I'm good standing and it's a supported phone so it probably means nothing.' They can still activate it.

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I want to add that manually adding an unlocked phone in the past wasn't a problem for Boost.  It was an old Galaxy phone yeeeeears ago.  It also wasn't in the database.