Sat, Mar 27, 2021 1:15 AM

Want new phone. Won't ship to my address in Florida. Long time Boost .... totally disgusted

I have had Boost Mobile for MANY years.   

Just tried to buy a Moto G phone.  I'm in Florida....due to travel restrictions.

Boost refuses to ship to other than my NY address.   Mystifying.

I called Boost....sorry, can't do.

Went to TWO Boost stores, thought maybe I could get phone shipped there?   Sorry, can't do. 

I have two options....have the phone shipped to my NY address.  Phone will get left in the lobby of my apartment building.  If I'm LUCKY, I can have a neighbor try to grab it, before it "vanishes".   And then ask someone to re-ship it to me here in Florida. 

My second option?   Leave Boost for another carrier.

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