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Sat, Apr 27, 2019 2:00 PM

Terrible In store experience. Worst sales associate I've come across

    I've been with Sprint or Boost Mobile for the last 10+ years and truly believe that it's the number 1 carrier. Overall coverage is fantastic I've never had issues with connections, it's also by far the best value hands down. I've never even considered leaving until my recent Visit on 4/26/19.  I lost my phone and needed to find something to use until I get my original one back, so I went to the store in Beaver Dam, WI. I was hoping to speak with someone who could run through options and find the cheapest route to go. 
     I was very surprised by how rude the employee was, customer service is usually always fantastic. She just sat at her computer in silence unless I asked her a specific question and I felt like I was bothering her when I did. I decided to just grab a free phone by porting my boyfriends line over from a different carrier.  She assured me that his phone would work on this network multiple times before we did the port. He had paid his bill a few days prior and we ideally wanted to set his line up next month so the $50 didn't go to wast. We were guaranteed that there would be no issues and if there are we have a 7 day return window. But after everything was set up and paid for his old phone isn't compatible and I am told all sales are final and the new phone isn't returnable. She said sorry and to try family friends or Facebook, because any old phone should work. I have an old Iphone 4s & Galaxy s6 that I would have used but she assured me they wouldn't. They are compatible after all.
   I was charged insurance without even knowing. I understand that there's commission and quotas for new lines and insurance but I've never had a sales rep mislead me and blatantly lie just to make a sale. The entire experience was horrible and changed my views on the company as a whole. I really do love boost & sprint network so I don't want to leave but if this because the average experience customers receive then im sure many loyal customers will be finding new carriers too. 



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That’s not what we like to hear. We truly apologize for the inconvenience, Destrokk. Can you please send us a private message with your phone number, pin, store name, address, phone number? Thanks!