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Thu, Nov 16, 2017 9:00 PM

Best Customer Service EVER!

I am very impressed with the customer service here at Boost! Thank God for this forum and the presence of customer service reps here because I had NO phone service so no way to call for help! Boost customer service was able to get my number transferred from another carrier. They actually put me on a 3 way call with my old carrier and had them fix the problem! When I decided to get a new phone and carrier I first went with the Google Project Fi service and their customer service tried to get my phone number transferred for FOUR days with no success! Their customer service SUCKED badly! Their reps were horribly inept at their jobs! GOOGLE! So glad my son talked me into going with Boost!!! Thanks to all the customer service reps who helped me here in the forum and on the phone!


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4 y ago

Woohoo! We love hearing that, Floweringsoul!

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Ive had the WORST service ever. I use to be a boost customer. I'm trying to swtich back and not getting any help beside being on hold for over 2 hrs last night 

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I disagree.

Boost customer service is terrible. Here's why...


I found an issue with my billing cycle. I contacted Boost Care via phone. They did answer quickly so I guess they get a point for that. 

I explain the issue. Through the representatives broken English I gathered that there was in fact an issue with my billing cycle. I called twice that day. Fast forward 1 week later. I notice that the issue has not been corrected. I did not check before this so that is on me BUT I assumed that Boost had this under control. Apparently I was wrong. 
I call back again yesterday. It took about 15 min but they finally admitted that the problem still existed. This time I was told that it would take some time for this issue to be corrected because "a different department" had to look back at my past billing cycles to figure out how long this issue had been there. I was then told that someone would call be back at some point in the day. 

I leave work and realize that no one has called me so I contact them YET AGAIN... 
This time I get the same story. There is an issue and a different department will have to take a look. Someone will call me back. They did say that it would be about 48 hours before this issue would be corrected. 
A few seconds later the rep tells me that the issue is fixed but it will still take some time to reflect this on my account. 
I have no idea if the issue is corrected or not. I don't think they do either. 

That is only part of the reason Boost Mobile is garbage. I have been a customer for several years. I have been misinformed so many times about pricing of phones, upgrade eligibility, and service coverage. The retail stores do not have to honor the Boost Mobile online pricing because they are independently owned. You can not upgrade you devices online - you have to go to a store to do this. Look for yourself. Every time anyone asks about phone upgrades the care reps refer them to a retail store. Why? Because the store can mark the phone up in order to compensate for your "upgrade" value. 

Just do a quick search on this forum for phone upgrade. You will see that every answer is pretty much the same. They never quote how much that upgrade value is and when you call the store they always quote a higher price than the Boost online prices

Do yourself a favor... go with another pre paid company. Yes Boost offers a decent package plan and until recently I have had good service but after dealing with this issue over the past week I see how Boost really thinks about its customers. They mean nothing. They trick us into believing that we are getting something that we are not. Loyalty means nothing to this company. 

I suggest https://shop.totalwireless.com
They will give you one month for free and 5GB of data just for switching. They also use Verizon towers and you can use any  CDMA device. After 5 years I am saying bye Boost... you had your chance.

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3 y ago

Thanks for replying! The Boost honeymoon is over for me at this point! Went camping last weekend and I was the ONLY person without service out of 7 people! A kid with Cricket even had service! 

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3 y ago

Oh no! That’s definitely not what we like to hear, @Floweringsoul. How can we make you feel the love again?

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boost mobile has terrible customer service! don't trust anything they say or do for you.  they are greedy!! if they loose they want you to loose with them!!

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What do you think would be an acceptable resolution after the charger I received with my preowned cell started to melt and could have started a fire?

Boost Care


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3 y ago

Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue, Evolu. Though we do not replace devices nor accessories. The warranty of the device can help you further with your request. You can contact Samsung at 1-888-987-4357.

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They are the worst ever!!!!!!!!!!

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Just want to give you some info, dont get so excited about the Customer Service being great, in the beginning I thought so too then after awhile it changed, I was treated disrespectfully, lied to, and even manipulated I finally left boost and thought they couldn't make me so upset anymore but I was wrong, once again I found out the information they gave me was incorrect. But I guess I should have expected that! Good luck