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Tue, Sep 29, 2020 1:00 PM

Arlington, Tx Boost Store CANCELED my Ph.# !!!! HELP ME!!!

I have been a BOOST customer for 4 years. on 9-28-20 I went to my local BOOST store to get a NEW Phone (iPhone11).

The Store Rep was setting up my new iPhone with my number, etc.

After 4+ hots he told me that the TECHs had messed something up and that my service would be delayed until TODAY(9-29-2020).

Well its now LATE afternoon and NOW I am TOLD by him that my Ph#, that I have had for more than 20 years,  has been CANCELLED and also MY BOOST account is NOT AVAILABLE!!!!!!! *****

I called SUPPORT and was treated EXTREMELY badly by the REP on the Support line.

He asked what I had done to CANCEL my Ph#....HUH?????? I told him that I had done NOTHING...that the Store Rep was the one doing the switching of my phone.....BUt I asked HOW did Y'all CANCEL my Ph#...that Ive had for more than 20 years!!!!!!

He had no answer...I went back to the store rep....and that poor guy was totally lost...he knew NOTHING and had ZERO Idea on how to fix this Problem!!!!! So I have no SERVICE on my OLD phone and I have NO way to CONTACT the Support team at BOOST.

I loved my BOOST...until NOW that this is happening. The Support Techs are EXTREMELY Rude!!! They were Even Rude to the Store Rep that was trying to help me!!!!!!

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1 y ago

Hi there, Linda Marcus. Thanks for contacting us. We're sorry for the inconvenience with the activation.  To better assist you, please send us a private message.

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I have PM'd you.

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1 y ago

Now I understand why I should go back to a REAL Cell provider.

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1 y ago

Hi, shirleyn! Please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN number. To send us a private message, click on the user name of the Social care agent. You will be taken to their profile. Click the "Send this User a Private Message" located on the right hand side. Type your message in the new window and click Send.

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I feel your pain.  Boost Mobile did the same to me except they took my Business phone number of 10 years.  They put some random number on the phone and I didn't even know it because my phone had no reception for 2 and a half weeks because they promised twice over to send a sim card.  I have spent countless hours with countless supervisors promising stuff and to call back.  To date not one call back, no sim card and at one point I had no service.  I couldn't even dial the 611 from my handset.  so I have been in phone hell for almost a month now using an auxillary phone.  This has been a disaster.  I even went to talk with a Boost Mobile franchise owner.   Come to find out he hates Boost Mobile and said sue them!  I am convinced they are the worst mess and yes we have to get with a real company and warn warn warn everybody we possibly can.  Post on social media etc.