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Your customer service experiences.

Hi, I am looking to switch carriers. For personal reasons the customer service of a company is a top priority for me. I am hoping a few current boost customers can tell me about their experiences. Good and bad 

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Il y a 11 d

I am Happy with my iphone SE (second generation)Apple phone. Never had a problem and I'm going on 2 years with it. I bought it cash from Boost Mobile and have had the same phone number on the LG G6, The Samsung Galaxy, and this iPhone SE. All 3 phones have been Boost phones

Now I'm looking at the iPhone 13 pro max.

Boost has it listed for purchase from their website but it has been saying "sold out" for the past few months and Boost doesn't know if they will get anymore.

They told me to buy it unlocked from Apple itself. Not an Apple vendor. From the factory. And they will lock it to Boost. They would mail me the new T-Mobile Expanded network coverage sim card for free.

Boost also doesn't do Trade-ins so my iPhone SE is available to trade from Apple.

They would give me $260.0 off the $1099 iPhone 13 Pro Max price with my iphone SE trade-in.

It's a win win for me. But I love my current Apple iphone SE and I'm not sure if I want to trade it in. I have no phone payments except my autopay for the service. I don't know if buying a flagship phone at that price is worth it so I haven't made the switch yet, if at all. My SE works great flawlessly so why move up? I keep asking myself.

That's the phone. You're asking about customer service. If you're not trying to get something for nothing. It's been fine.

They double charged me once because I have autopay and figured on May 27 to make my June 3rd payment. It went through fine but, to my surprise, they took the June 3rd payment that I had paid on May 27th!

My credit card company alerted me to 2 identical payments to Boost and "is that what I intended".

Absolutely not! Why would I do that? It's autopaid from my credit card.

So a word to the wise. If you have autopay, do not pay ahead of time. They will take both payments that month. 

I had to call customer service and they knew that I had made 2 payments and I told them to put the May 27 back on my credit card.

At first, the nitwit on the phone said I should keep that extra payment in my account and I told her I pay through my credit card and she put me on hold for a few minutes and came back and said "you're all set"


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Il y a 4 d

Horrible experience. I have been lied to countless times in their Chat which is where you will be directed when the Agents on here cannot do anything besides basic troubleshooting. I am going to save you some frustration... almost no Boost Mobile employee can help you beyond basic troubleshooting which you can google. Find another provider and save yourself the headache.

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Il y a 4 d

I have to agree with you although I have been having a pretty good working relationship with Boost except customer service representatives on the phone could use some education on Boost’s system.

chat has always turned into a call because chat always seems to struggle with comprehending your problem.

Calling has always been a hit or miss experience unless you reach a technician. Customer service representatives are basically just good at passing you along to another person and you have to repeat again what the problem is.

 You know what though? Judging by following consumer advocacy website reviews most phone companies struggle with customer service.

I’ve yet to reach any site that has a majority positive review rating.

All phone companies have bad customer service. I’ve had an LG G6 that was too slow I switched to a Samsung Galaxy and the reviews were not good and too many updates constantly ruined an existing phone. Camera stopped working after an update and there was always something else.

so now I have an iPhone SE (2nd generation) and for the most part it’s been working pretty good. Updates always take a half hour to complete even with a good WiFi router. That gets annoying.

 I don’t think there is a decent phone with good customer service. They all seem to have customer service complaints on review sites as the major problem. I don’t care who your carrier is.

Anyway, customer service sucks everywhere. Phones are fine if you don’t need customer service.

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Il y a 3 d

I am also having the same Issue. Did you get any solution?

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