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Tue, Dec 27, 2016 9:00 AM

Will a boost mobile phone work (particularly the GPS) without service?

Hi, everybody.  I'm going to New Zealand in a couple weeks and am looking for a smartphone that I can use as a GPS and camera for my trip.  I'm not planning on making any calls, so I don't need a service provider.  I found a LG G5 for super cheap that would be perfect if it will work.  So can I take it and just use the GPS and phone without having a plan with Boost?  Also, and less importantly, would it work on WiFi networks in New Zealand?



edit* After looking into, the seller of the G5 must either be mistaken or a scammer because the LG G5 doesn't appear to work with Boost Mobile.  But I'm still interested in the question in general.  Will a Boost Mobile smartphone GPS work without a provider?


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4 y ago

Hello qacwac:


Any phone would work on wifi a phone dont have to have a provider in order to serf the web but i don't know if it would in New Zealand it should as long as you have a wifi network to connect too.

Now the GPS should work on wifi since i have used devices on it.

Hope i was able to help

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4 y ago

I don't think GPS has anything to do with WIFI. GPS will work as long as you have apps that work offline. WIFI works the same all over the world as long as you got the password you'll be OK.

4 y ago

Yes it should if u put ur address in with WiFi first