Wed, Apr 14, 2021 3:00 PM

Wiko phone suddenly connects to WiFi or mobile data - but says 'no internet' even though internet working

Suddenly today my phone will connect to Wifi or Mobile data but both say 'connected / no internet' even though I can use Chrome and watch youtube.

It's affecting a work application from accepting a 2FA.

Tried rebooting, resetting network settings -- nothing works. Wiko tech support had to take my info to look into it.

Anyone have ideas? Why is the phone thinking there is no internet, even though there is?! 


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1 m ago

Hi, brownsfan019! We're really sorry about this. We'd love to help! Who is your internet service provider? - Boost_MasielQ

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My ISP at home? That's irrelevant, it works on all other devices just fine.

When I turn wifi off, it still doesn't work on Boost data. 

I ended up just reformatting the entire phone. What a pain.  

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Understood. Is it working at this time? - Boost_MasielQ