Thu, Jul 15, 2021 5:33 PM

Where did my bars go???

For the past week of so I can’t get more than 2 bars no matter where I am at. It displays LTE but definitely slooooow


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2 m ago

Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Bigfail. Definitely wanna look into that for you. Have you verified the coverage available in your area using our coverage map? You can access it clicking here. What is the model of your phone?
- EdmundM

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2 m ago

Same here. I called customer service they had me rest my network. Well sad to say my phone only works well if I'm connected to wifi. I hate that I literally just paid my bill a few days ago. After all these years with Boost. Seems the service has went to trash

Same here also ! No more than 2 bars of service at best ! Only working off of Wi-fi ! Also called customer service - they seemed to be aware of the issue but all I got two days later was a card in the mail trying to upgrade and sell me on 5G! My phone is barely 2 yrs. old and I love it and I'm not getting a new one! 4G signal 📶 needs to be improved or maybe it's time for us to look for different providers ! Nobody's exactly rolling around in money these days and we are paying good money monthly for service !