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Mon, Mar 9, 2020 12:00 AM

Virgin Mobile Auto Transfer Issue

Hi all.


I received a message on Thursday of this past week saying my transfer date would be March 6th (Friday). My Virgin Mobile payment date was supposed to be March 7th, but I didn't want to do a payment in the middle of the transfer in case there was an issue.


As of early morning March 9th, I can still log into Virgin Mobile but when I attempt to log into Boost Mobile I now get a message saying my account is locked for 24 hours.


I just need some sort of service, do I pay Virgin again even though it's after the transfer date or is there a way to get into my Boost account and pay through there?



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1 y ago

Hey there, HS2020! We apologize for the inconvenience at this time. Please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN number. 

To send a private message just click on the picture of any Boost Mobile agent and, in the next screen, click "send this user a private message".