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Sat, Mar 9, 2019 6:00 PM

Very slow data

I have had nothing but slow data for my phobe for past two month regular texting works and call but anything data is slower than dial up. I pay $50 a month and i am not getting what i pay for i comtacted you guys through an app my boost they said use a hash code to reset my signal i did so and still slower than anything and no there are no outages the other agent already told me. So if you guys could fix this issue as i want what i pay for im tired of jumping through hoops to get it. Please offer an issue to fix ir reimburse in some way


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2 y ago

I am having the same problem. I have the $80 plan. I just joined Boost 4 days ago from Straight Talk. Anyway, it's been 4 days and I never have been able to even use my hotspot! I get less the 1mbps! I can barely load this page in under a minute. Boost will do NOTHING! Just run around responses all week! They will not help you! The will not help me! They are up to something. We are being deprioritized before we even reach our cap! I can prove it! I turned my s7 over to 3G/CDMA to see if there was a difference, upon doing that I noticed my 3G bounced back and forth between 3G and 1x (2G) simultaneously. This would not be happening without throttling! I can understand in between periods throughout the day, but constantly!? Hmmm....
I only get LTE during the very early morning hours 3-5am cause Sprint users are not as active during these times. At about 5am FORGET ABOUT IT! They tried to tell me that my phone could be in a dead spot even if I'm considered in a "covered" area, which they tell me I am, but if I was in a dead spot, I would get NO LTE at all times of the day....

So this tells me that I am being deprioritized during most of the day, and then freed up when others (Sprint Customers) are less active. Sprint customers get priority over us. BUT.... We as Boost customers are promised NOT to be deprioritized until our data caps.... THIS IS NOT TRUE! They do it all throughout your data allotment. You may not have noticed this before, because the deprioritizing method they use is a algorithm that picks and chooses who to give it's best speed to and when. So if you once had great speeds before, you were lucky! It says that the algorithm is a "fair" one, but what they consider fair is a grey area. 1st in line is Sprint customers, 2nd are people that light data users (they will get faster speeds during their use) 3rd are the heavier data users, they will get less mbps during use. (Remember the process algorithm runs continuously all day)
So if you use your data on the heavier end no matter what time of the month in your plan, YOU ARE GETTING DEPRIORITIZED! Trust me this is what they wont tell you.

*** For all this info go to:
Under (Network Performance and Network Management) Tap

Boost Care


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2 y ago

Hi there! Definitely wanna look into that for you. Please send us private message so we may work with you through there.


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