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Fri, Jan 18, 2019 5:00 PM

Unable to activate new iPhone 6S due to website not loading correctly


I bought a new iPhone 6S - to replace a fairly broken older iPhone - after struggling to access the Virgin Mobile website through various internet browsers. Now, upon receiving the new phone (had to use Internet Explorer to purchase, as it was the only browser that allowed the order page to not spawn an error), I am unable to activate my new phone.

When I attempt to "Swap My Device" I cannot pass the activation screen of "I want to keep my current number." I've attempted to activate using Internet Explorer, but I find the same result - the screen starts loading the next page after "I want to keep my current number" but provides no input areas and the button for "NEXT" is unresponsive.

Would someone from Virgin Mobile please assist me with this matter?

Thank you.


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2 y ago

To be clear, I attempted to use my SIM card from my old iPhone, but it says it's locked. I don't recall having to enter a PIN number for the SIM. Additionally, a PIN was not provided with the new iPhone's SIM card.

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2 y ago

To keep this updated, so other VM account holders will have some reasonable access to information...

In posting on a separate thread regarding a similar issue, Lawrence (Agent) requested my phone number, Pin code, MEID of the new phone, and the ICCID/SIM card number to attempt to resolve the issue.

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2 y ago

It appears that Lawrence was able to activate my phone. Not sure what the issue was yet, but he mentioned that some customers have had trouble swapping phones.

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2 y ago

Sounds good! We remain at your service if you have any other questions or concern, just let us know.