Thu, Feb 18, 2021 9:26 PM


Boost Mobile is absolute trash. I have been with them for years now and have finally had enough, I have a Galaxy S10e and my hotspot was working but my mobile data was not. After calling and being on the phone with one of the customer service reps, he stated that I needed a new SIM card. I bought one and got it activated, now my phone has no network WHATSOEVER. I have called so many times and each person has given me a different answer. They are now finally doing a network reset that apparently takes up to 72 hours and I'm sure that will work as well as the 50 other things they did. Now I am without a cell phone and service. Customer service is trash, they give the whole restart/update run around every time. 


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2 m ago

I would also like to add that they finally stated I never needed a new sim card in the first place. I would have taken a phone that could at least make calls and send texts than one that is absolutely useless. They need better management/ownership/customer service.