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Tue, Dec 3, 2019 10:00 AM

The WORST company I have ever had!!!!

My cousin found their website and told me to make the purchase of a New iPhone XR for her. She open the phone after few days of delivery and found out that the phone was locked with the company, she can’t even use her own SIM card which is under Ultra Mobile. When I call the customer service they hang up on me Several times and kick me around to different departments. And at the end they say she refuse to help me return to return the phone. Well, I didn’t even buy the phone with them through contract or something, I paid for full amount. Why did they even give me a locked phone, now this phone is just a piece of junk. Which we can’t even use. They say they won’t unlock the phone unless we use their SIM card for one year. This doesn’t even make sense. They should of stated that the phone is locked under their company when I make the purchase. If I see that I wouldn’t even make the purchase. Awkful experience with this company!!! With the worst customer service ever!


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1 y ago

Hello, @Maplechen3355. All phones labeled Boost Mobile were designed to work under our network, therefore, they're locked to our service unless they meet certain criteria. We apologize for this experience.