Fri, May 13, 2022 10:17 PM

Switched to 5G but now roaming at home

New iPhone 12. BM switched me over to 5G, except now I am roaming even when I am at home. I had great (unsure if it was 3G or 4G ) service with BM on my old iPhone X. My partner who has ATT gets 5G no problem. 

I’m in San Francisco in a area that has no issues with connectivity.

BM support sent me the new SIM and the phone has been activated without issue.

If I turn off roaming, I don’t get connectivity.  Forget telling me to use WI-FI. If I wanted to do that, why then do I even pay for Boost? It should work without roaming in my home. 

I’m stuck and the only option left is to ditch Boost. This my last attempt at fixing it.

Both me and my partner are extremely technical people. This isn’t an issue of a BDU (support term for Brain Dead User). We’ve tried all the options. It feels like Boost’s 5G just isn’t ready for prime time?

Boost Care


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Hace 3 d

Hey there, Michael! Thanks for reaching out to us. We definitely want to get this figured out, why you are unable to connectivity unless you have roaming on. We would need to work with you directly to get access to your account. We're unable to access your account on this platform, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and send us a private or direct message, we can see what's going on, or you can reach a live customer care agent at 1 (833)-502-6678 or chat with one of our care representatives at; http://spr.ly/61213zKcJd We hope to hear from you soon.
Cindy A.

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Hace 3 d

Save yourself some trouble and just ditch Boost Mobile. I have been suffering with Roaming for months now since I switched to the new network (after they lied and told me it would work perfectly). I have poor coverage now and they have no excuse for it. It's a lost cause.