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Fri, Jul 13, 2018 9:00 AM

Sloooow Data for 30+ days, 2 bars

I’ve called Boost numerous times over the last month. Every time I call them, I get a different explanation as to why I’ve had **bleep**ty service at my home address for over a month. One person tells me there is no tower within 5 miles, another person tells me there is an enhancement being performed in my area, another tells me a tower is down a mile from me, another person tells me everything is fine on there end, someone else transferred me to Apple, as if my network issues have anything to do with my phone. My service was 4 bars LTE at my home until a month ago. Now I have 2 bars average, internet slow as hell. A few days ago the last person told me it would be resolved in 48 hours. Nope. Guess they just wanted me to pay my new bill. Resolve this issue or I’m going back to Straight Talk. Straight Talk customer for 4 years, never once had to call them. Boost mobile..........completely different story. I work from home and need reliable service. So far Boost is a big disappointment

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3 y ago

Do I or do I not have a tower in Willowton? It is right across the mountain from me.........Can someone with a clue please inform me what my issue is