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Thu, Mar 7, 2019 12:00 PM

Samsung J7 unable to download MMS

One month ago I got a new Galaxy J7 Refine and, after much troubleshooting, I have not been able to download MMS messages in the default messaging app since I got the phone. I do not purchase data for my phone; I only use wi-fi. I was able to download MMS over wi-fi on my old phone, a Galaxy S3, just fine. Any ideas?
Everything else on the new phone is working: wi-fi browsing, SMS, calling, etc. Just not MMS.
Just got done talking to Samsung support and they toggled Mobile Data options etc with no success (probably because I don't have data) and told me to come here. They thought maybe going over the roaming settings with Virgin would help.
I don't want to have to give up my "Wi-Fi Lovers' Plan" if I don't have to, especially since this was never a problem on my old smartphone with the same plan. Is this something phones are doing now to force people to buy data plans? Would love to find a different way to fix the issue, thanks.


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2 y ago

Hi there, @sbuchholz256! Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for this experience. Our MMS feature requires mobile data to work, if you don't have a plan that includes mobile data, we cannot guarantee that the MMS will work.