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Tue, Aug 3, 2021 6:35 PM


I came into Boost store having issues with my phone they put in a new SIM card but it was to the expanded network and has now froze my damn phone up. I can not make/receive calls use internet unless I am on wifi. Come back they tell me oops sorry there was an email alert some time ago saying do not put into phone its not compatible. I now sit here the store wants to do nothing, we were on the phone with support for hour and half was told nothing can be done. NO ONE  wants to fix their issue once again!!!! I have recertification for my SS disability in the AM and now have no FUCKN phone and will lose my disability aling with my medical insurance. Guess what Boost my monthly infusions for my disease is $18,000....you can pay for them now!!!!


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Wait, there was an email specifically mentioning S8's?  I have 3 of them, all on the boost network and not only did I NOT get any email, but I've gotten nothing but spam sms messages every single day for weeks, but emails as well as three unrequested snail mail's with SIM cards, telling me to upgrade before 8/15.  Now I have one bricked S8 and an iPhone that has horrible data transfer speeds (I upgraded it to the new network) and two more S8's that I'm afraid to upgrade, for fear of them getting bricked as well.

I hope you find some resolution quickly!

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@bws1 the new SIM card do not work on S5-S10 (think that is what I was told) once they put the new card in it freezes your phone and CAN NOT be reversed!!!!!