Wed, Oct 13, 2021 11:57 PM

Questions about Boost Mobile's Towers...?

Please, bear with me. I have a number of questions.

          1. Who is (or will be) the permanent service provider for Boost Mobile?

I understand that Boost was owned by Sprint, who was then bought by T-Mobile. Yet, I read articles saying that Dish has now bought Boost Mobile and will have a partnership with AT&T. T-Mobile and AT&T are two different providers. 

          2. Does this mean that those who have been moved to the T-Mobile SIMs will have to switch again to an AT&T SIM in the future to have service? Or will Boost Mobile simply use both towers and let the customer choose which provider they want (Similar to Straight Talk)?

          3. Since T-Mobile has merged with Sprint, does this mean that T-Mobile will be adding Sprint's towers to theirs, thus creating a larger coverage map for those who have moved to the T-Mobile network?

I hope these questions make sense. Thanks.

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