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Fri, Aug 17, 2018 2:00 AM

no service

hello, i live in sylacauga alabama zip code 35150. i'm getting no service. my service

has been fine until a few days ago. last few days i'm not getting

any service. i use the LG G Stylo, the first version. i swipe down,

the data icon is blue, showing data transfer is on, but there's no service.

there is a lil white in the signal meter. when i'm on the LTE mode, the
tiny LTE letters don't appear over the meter as they
usually do. switching from LTE/CDMA over to CDMA. doesn't fix it.
dialing ##72786# doesn't fix it. it's not my phone then, just a
faulty tower somewhere. will you please check to see if there are
any ongoing isses with towers near me. thank you.

also, my question. i just purchased the latest version of the LG
Stylo through your payment plan cos i really like the first version.
presently i pay the $45 amount each month and i've been a customer
since 2015 and my amount of data has grown up to 8gb i think. what i
want to know is, can i simply put my existing sim card into the new
phone and keep my data plan as it is, as well as my phone number? i'd
hate to start all over with the 2gb data and have to work my way back
up. i should be able to keep what i have. i'm the same customer, i
just need a new phone to use my service with. can i stick my
existing sim card into the new phone and it work? thank you.

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3 y ago

thanks so much. i'm very patient and i know the service will be back on eventually. i'm just curious as to why it's off not only for me but for many. lol i just bought one of your new phones. i'd hate to have no service to it to get it working. but thankfully an elderly neighbor i help out some who calls me her son...she has a wifi rounter now. i guess i could activate it with that, and to communicate with my philippine girlfriend on facebook messenger better  cos i can't send voice notes on the computer. hopefully the no service prob will be resolved soon. i have some very important calls coming and ones i need to make come the end of the month. thanks again.

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3 y ago

Hi there walkingwolf. I am sorry about the inconvenience there. We are replying to your order post in order to find out what is causing your interruption. 

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3 y ago

Hi there! Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.