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Mon, Jun 18, 2018 7:00 PM

No LTE only 3G in my area. Everywhere else is fine.

No one is helping. Y’all ask for my phone number and pin, cross street and everything else but won’t admit that there is no LTE problem in my area. On the West Market Street side of Greensboro Nc my phone will not connect to LTE only 3G. I am paying for 4G LTE but no longer getting. I’ve been living in the same area for a year and never had any problems until now. And it’s been going on since June 5th. I’m frustrated. I’ve updated my phone (##873273#), reset my network settings EVERYTHING. Come to find out it’s everyones phone that is with Boost Mobile around here. Even my neighbor. Can you guys please get a technician out to check our area please??? It is not our phones as we all have different phones. Thank you. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks and I am getting very impatient as I should. No one at Boost seems to be listening to me or taking the matter seriously which is super frustrating.


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3 y ago

So sorry about the trouble, @LQAtkinson. A ticker was created for this issue yesterday. Tickets can remain open for up to 72 hours while they are being worked. At this time there is no further action required from you. Once identified most events are resolved within 3 days. If you are still experiencing issues after this time, please contact us so we can provide you a further update on the issue.