Wed, Aug 4, 2021 4:29 AM

New Expanded Sim Card Not Working

Me, my mom and my brother are on a family plan and we got the new SIM card. At the store everything was fine then we get home and we have NO SERVICE. We used to get service but I had to pay $40 to get no service at my house? Can someone help me to fix this ASAP 


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1 m ago

If your phone wasn't a 5G phone the new sim card is not going to work.

They just did the same to me as well. They are intentionally messing up older phones so people are forced to buy new ones. File a complaint with the FCC complaints

And one with your state attorney/consumer protection agency. They transferred me to samsung telling me all they had to do was reset my phone and it would work which is a lie. As soon a I told Samsung that they already knew it was boost Mobile/Sprint. We aren't the only ones they have done this to and the more people who file complaints with the proper attorities the better. Will also be looking into finding a class action Lawyer and will update here with their info once I find someone willing to take this on.