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Wed, Jun 12, 2019 5:00 PM


Tell me sweet little lies boost. How no one else has called in saying they cant get service in this area. My youtube app, internet browser and hotspot all work like TRASH , my hotspot DL speeds are 46 kbs.... Yea.... And if u dont know what that means.... Its less then 2G is what LG told me.... Boost mobile has even transferred me over to LG department who said 8t was the towers and nit the phone. Boost mobile rep also told me the only way to get service in my area was by upgrading my phone, (from a LG Style 3 to the new LG stylo 4 plus) but same day i was told that and get a new phone. Theybsay its the sim card and i need a new 1. I told them i just got a new 1. With a whole new PHONE . IF YOU CANT GET SERVICE IN YOUR AREA YOUR BETTER OFF GOING TO A NEW PHONE COMPANY . BOOST CUSTOMER CARE IS WORSE THEN THE DMV ON THE BUSIEST DAY OF THE YEAR



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2 years ago

So Im not the only one huh? I tested my DL speeds for a week straight and it averaged at 128 kbs. UNACCEPTABLE speeds Boost! We are not getting what we are paying for! Thats Fraud!!!!