Tue, Nov 23, 2021 10:29 AM

I've been having Internet Problems

Newly discovered vulnerability can let hackers impersonate LTE mobile device users, researchers say. German researchers have found a new vulnerability on 4G/LTE mobile devices that could allow hackers to impersonate the phone's owner. I've been using Boost a little over a year and the support people I've been calling all have been nice, but I straight up tell them my problems and they give me nonsensical solutions. I believe I've been hacked by your emplyees to give them more internet speed or god forbid my identity. I would like some real technical support. Please and thank you. BTW my hotspot kills my 4g LTE connection every time and once my Hotspot was bundled with my phone data. I would like a full refund on all these months of displeasure or at least fix my phone and give me an operator worth my time.

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