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Mon, Aug 2, 2021 10:33 PM

iPhone XR

I've really tried to maintain a sense of humor about this whole "new network" mess, but the data transfer speeds are absolutely horrible now that it has the new SIM.  Yes, I've checked the coverage map, and allegedly in an area that has the best coverage and I've gone through the usual steps of powering the device down, reseating the card and powering it back up, as well as removing it from its protective case and going outside.  The signal strength never goes above 2 bars.  As a comparative test, I downloaded the exact same 2 Mb file to both my iphone and a non-upgraded S8 (also on the boost network).  I expected the difference to be a few seconds... Almost 90 seconds after the s8 completed the XR downloaded.  90 SECONDS!  

Is this some sort of a joke?  No seriously, is it?  I've seen botched large scale network upgrades before (mainly in fortune 100 companies) but this?  At the very least, the executive leadership of Boost/Dish/sprint/T-mobile, or whomever the parent company is, needs to issue a public apology for such a horrible transition. Furthermore, I think the drop dead date of 1/22 for the termination of the "old network" is just a smidge on the premature side, and they should seriously consider some form of compensation to everyone who's experienced a service disruption of more than 24-48 hours.  I'd also consider firing the project managers and division executives who greenlighted this utter debacle.  I mean, I'd expect something like this from "Bob's cellular and oil changes", but Boost?  

I've been a network engineer for over 33 years and if I weren't so pissed about how badly my family's and my phones are performing I'd almost be embarrassed for Boost.


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