Sat, Nov 6, 2021 8:57 PM

ICCID Not Found in Expanded Network

I recently purchased a new Moto G Power from the website, as I had to upgrade from my old 3g device. Did not assume I would have an issue considering I have been with Virgin Mobile/Boost for years. Apparently there seems to be an issue with the NEW simcard that came with the NEW phone. ICCID is not found in the expanded network? So I have a shiny new phone that works great, but can not activate my service on it.

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@Bliz917 Were you able to resolve this? Having the same problem with the same phone. They packaged the phone with an old sim card so there is no way to activate it. Kinda odd mines dated 10/18/21 on the sticker for the IMEI and ICCID, well past when they should be using new expanded network sims.