Sat, Mar 6, 2021 1:53 AM

I paid for unlimited data and i get no data at all

I been paying for unlimited data and still get very slow data rates even after paying monthly bill!!


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Hi there Antten05. Thank you for contacting us. We have marked your message as private to be able to access your account information. Please send us your phone number, pin code, and address. 
- Victor21

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Same with me. Direct TV partnered with them in December and I have had problems from then on

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After DISH bought Boost Mobile, my data now throttles at 35gb even though the plan I signed up for and that I'm paying for was for unlimited data with no throttling before DISH bought Boost. This is a breach of the plan I am paying for. I think a law suit is in order here. I'm paying for services I am not receiving.