Fri, Sep 17, 2021 10:51 PM

Hey Boost Mobile! Reception sucks on Expanded Network. Fix it!

When are you going to enable/fix WiFi calling for my iPhone 6plus. At least I would be able to use phone in my house because reception now sucks on expanded network since I got suckered into getting new SIM card. Please fix this problem! In the meantime my son(hasn't got new SIM card yet and coverage is fine) and I are looking for a new provider.

Boost Care


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1 m ago

Hello Thomas! We appreciate you reaching out. Wi-Fi calling isn't available on the new network at this time.No word on when this will change just yet, but please keep checking back for updates.

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1 m ago

Same here!!!  Haven’t been able to make or receive calls or text messages since I inserted their NEW & IMPROVED EXPANDED NETWORK SIM card. No problems before inserting the new SIM. 😬😬😬

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1 m ago

The expanded network is a sham for the time being until Dish can get its network up and going. Soooo, in the meantime what is happening is T-Mobile is throttling all non T-Mobile customers that are on the "expanded network". Soon all non-expanded sim cards will not work and you will have had to either switch to the new network or find a new carrier. At this time i would advise all boost customers to leave asap. The problems you have had since the start of cdma/wi-max towers(equipment) being shutdown is only going to continue. Like i said the troubles are only going to continue, get out while you can. Do some digging on the initial TMobile press release saying they were going to throttle non-customers, why DISH doesnt seem to care, im not sure, makes no sense but thats what's happening.