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Tue, Feb 16, 2021 10:32 PM

Expanded Data Network

Will my Iphone 5 work with the expanded Data Network? 

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1 y ago

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1 y ago

Hey there! Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 is not compatible with the expanded data network. You can visit a Boost retailer for more information. 

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6 m ago

Question: If the below statement is true, why has every phone I've attempted to have connected to the new network come with a change that costs me a minimum of 10 bucks a month tacked on my account?  What's more, the performance of my iPhone xr has gone down since migrating to the new network AND I'm paying more for worse service.  Your network flat out sucks!

Will there be any impact to my monthly rate plan cost?

No. You will continue to enjoy the same high-value plans that you currently enjoy, and continue seeing competitive offers from Boost Mobile.