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Fri, Nov 2, 2018 12:00 AM

Data needs fixed or situation made right

A few months ago something happens wirh my data, even with a fresh months pay, data was insanely slow if working at all. All the refreshing and doing thinkgs over and over used the high speed up extra fast. So after me buying quite a few data packs (never have $50 for myself at the time for true unlmtd) and at least 7 or 8 calls, the guy pretty much hung up on me with hold, and a chick was on the phpne, he very rudely passed me off to Samsung. She had me reset networks or something and it worked. I called when my bill was due seeking compensation since i spent 30 extra dollars on data alone amd they comped me the $20 to go my balance for a month.
So now my data usage and speed seemed to be normal when i had high speed but this is tje current problem
Have 9GIGs HI sp data
Used it all, plus 1..4GIG of LOW sp (per usage chart on app) equaling 10.4 total
I bought 2gigs HI sp , which should have taken it to 12.4 , since was 10.4/9.0 when purchased. Only went to 11.0 so then read 10.4/11.0. So i only got 3/5 of 1 GIG (0.6) when i paid for 2GIGs. Sorry so long can't get any employees to understand me and if they do i camr them amd wanted to make sure you got the full picture. Ive had you guys for years and have turned all mt family n friends onto boost but i cant afford to keep you with this mess happening


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But I feel Boost now only bothers with new customers. Our outages frusterations and lack of discounts are no concern of theirs...