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Wed, Dec 2, 2020 1:00 PM

Customer Since 2005 and Horrible Customer Service in past 4 months

I am a customer since 2005 and Horrible Customer Service.  When Boost was no longer part of Sprint, nothing but problems since July 2020.  No 4g available per Boost (since they are using T-Mobile network and Boost is at the bottom of the list to use T-Mobile towers per the Boost rep).  Boost switched me to CDMA,   No discounts provided although I can't use the 12GB  that I pay monthly since the service is so bad.  And Boost automatically downgraded my Premier Customer Status - Always Paid on time!  26.5 Hours on the phone with Boost to try to resolve the data connection issues and the billing issues.  Today I contacted Boost 3 times for pricing on plans to change my service since I'm not using much data because there is no connection - 3 reps, 3 different answers.  The last rep tells me Boost cannot provide the cheaper advertised plan because the cheaper plans are only available for 5g.  No matter how many times I repeated to the rep that Boost cannot provide 4g, let alone 5g, and Boost made the decision to swith me to CDMA, the rep does not understand - maybe a language barrier issue?  Presently paying for 4g and 12GB, getting CDMA and no data.  Unbelievable!!!  When Boost was part of Sprint, no issues.  My advice - go to ANY other carrier because look how they treat a 15 year customer.


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