Wed, Jan 5, 2022 9:53 PM

cant make calls keeps dropping

All of our phones keep dropping calls I can't hold a conversation for more then 2 mins most of the time it is really frustrating. my boys got the new Motorola g power and the phones still don't work. I have checked the coverage map to see and make sure we are in a covered aria and we are yet I can only get 3g at best. My son is at Fort Drum and he cant even use his phone, it is important that we have communication with each other. Why aren't these phones working right what is going on that most people that have boost are all having the same issues? Please fix this soon or you will loss a lot of customers real soon.

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15 d ago

They seem to be ignoring the problem which is their new network does not have the coverage the old one did which sounds absurd but no other reason for this many people to have zero service after switching. I suggest getting a new carrier because this shows no signs of getting better.

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15 d ago

Yeah I was on the phone with them for over 2 hours today I had to call back four times four times I get disconnected More like put on hold until the phone disconnects horrible customer service and still nowhere with the phones I will most definitely be looking for a different phone company they have lost my business.