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Thu, Dec 17, 2020 10:00 PM

Boost Has Become Worse and Worse

I have been a loyal Boost customer for a 2 or 3 years now. I have 5 lines on the "Unlimited" plan. At first, everything worked well, with the exception of where I work. I cannot use my data, my texts won't go through and I have to resend them multiple times, and there is serious lag time when making a call. Nothing but silence for up to an entire minute. Frustrating when you rely on your phone for your job. But, because it happened mostly in what a Boost store rep explained to me was a congested, or bottlenecked area, that was bound to happen. So, I have dealt with it, and try to use my phone as little as possible. Fast forward to the end of 2019, things became even worse. I couldn't connect an outgoing call, still having issues sending messages, resending one 3 word text up to 20+ times before it would go through, no data available, as I literally cannot even open my Google home page, check my email, and FaceBook was not even an option. This horrible service, or lack of happens to me, and my kiddos who share the unlimited family plan with me constantly regardless of where we are at the time. (Ar this time, our plan is now no longer "unlimited") Boost tells me I need a new phone, even though mine was only a year old. So I pay in full for a new phone. And another new phone. Same Boost rep at same store explains to me that Tmobile and Dish Network are involved in this buyout, or merger, and as soon as it was completed, everything would go back to wonderful and working. So, like a gullible fool, I have waited and continued to pay for service and phones, only to end up with worse service each day that passes. A trip into my same local Boost store, same sales rep yet again, now tells me that my son whose 1 year old phone wasn't working needs a new one. Ok. Fine, I can accept that. While I was there, I decided to ask again when that great new service was going to start working for me. He tells me my service won't be get better, only slower and less responsive, until I purchase another new phone, even though my current phone is only a few months old. In fact, I am still paying on it in monthly installments. He explains to me while activating my son's new phone, that his phone is on the "new" network. This new network allows you to use your phone as you should, and provides you the service you pay for and should have been getting this whole time. As for me, I am stuck on the "old" Sprint network, paying for a service and a phone that I cannot use, and even forwarded to expect it to become even more unreliable with time. He did offer to allow me to pay off my remaining balance due on my current phone that is now useless as can be, and then start a new payment plan for another phone to use on the "new" network. He acted as though he were doing me a favor by telling me I have to keep buying phones, and paying for plans and service that will only be useful and reliable if I spend more money. Oh, and I have to buy new phones for all the other lines if I want service for them as well. But Boost has no problem taking my money every month, knowing they are NOT providing me anything but frustration and anger. I feel ripped off and lied to.I am so fed up. I have called Boost customer service. More than once. Awful customer service. Clear language barriers. Was hung up on twice when being transferred after lengthy hold times. I have been to my nearest Boost store many times for help, only to walk out having spent more money, just to end up with the same crappy service I had been complaining about. This is the end result for all the their loyal customers when corporate greed takes place. Boost has lost any and all credibility for me as a company. They clearly do not care about anything but money. I am currently shopping for a new provider to port all 5 lines to. If you have this same issue, and dont want to keep giving money to Boost just to get nothing back but BS, I suggest you jump the Boost ship and find another provider too. Shame on you Boost, or TMobile, or Dish, or whatever Boost goes by these days. 




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2 months ago

I am new to Boost Mobile i was Virgin Mobile. Now, being with Boost Mobile it seems like it is always a issue. First, i was not getting any service in areas where i normally get service. No, one could tell me the issue . I called multiple times and for 3 days. Service still sucks. Now it is my data. I never had any problems with Virgin Mobile.