Thu, Jul 15, 2021 7:43 AM

Boost Brick My Phone

I receive an email from Boost 'You deserve faster speeds & more! Get your FREE network upgrade!'

I have a Galaxy S9 Plus, the sim card is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 thru S10. Customer service on the phone will tell you other wise. I went to 2 different stores they both told me that Boost knew it weeks before the Samsung phones are not compatible with the enhance network. So my Warning to all user go to the store before you change your sim card out to make sure your phone is compatible before you brick your phone. Then Boost will tell you need a new phone. Oh yeah, boost old network will be ending at the end of the year so you will need a new phone to keep using Boost (which I didn't know before all of this happen)...I


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1 m ago

S6 through S10?  Are you serious?  I think it's time to start looking for an attorney, because out of 4 phones, two have been "upgraded" to the new sim and one is crippled and another is completely bricked.  That could be considered a failure rate of 50% because the one that's crippled certainly doesn't perform anywhere nearly as well as it did, prior to putting the new SIM chip in it.