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Fri, Sep 13, 2019 8:00 AM

Android Phones - Bring Your Own, Upgrade?

Been a VM customer for many years now and after a brief chat with a rep via twitter last night I was instructed to register and post on here.  Essenially, I'm using a phone that's closing in on four or five years old, and was wanting to upgrade to something a bit snappier.  However, I am not a fan of iOS or iPhones in any way, shape, or form.  (Yes I was one of the ones who saw red when VM announced they were going iPhone only a while back).  The Android offerings aren't horrible on the VM store, but I really want to know what is keeping us from being able to bring an unlocked Android device that is compatible with VM's network to the service?  I've been using my little Tribute HD for years now and it's showing it's age, but I just can't justify dropping hundred of dollars on a phone that I only get cursory specs on and can't hold in my hand to see if it 'feels right' for me.  Ever since all the major retailers stopped carrying VM phones, it's made my experience with Virgin Mobile just a little more frustrating and disappointing.  Don't get me wrong, I love the service, the value and the general ease that comes with troubleshooting problems - I just think that only offering "bring your own phone" to 'new customer/accounts' and strictly for iPhones only is a bad move and could be very heavily limiting the potential growth for the VM customer base.

If there's no intent or plan on bringing the bring your own phone program to Android devices, or expanding it beyond 'new customer/accounts' only, then is there any news or word on when there will be any specials, sales, or deals for long time customers and members of the Virgin Mobile USA community?  I don't wanna change carriers, I like it here and I like Virgin Mobile.


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2 y ago

Hi there ChazeXavier. I understand how you feel and where you coming from. But at this point Virgin Mobile has not made a decision yet regarding BYOD devices for existing customers. On the other hand we do have some specials right now through our web site. Check them out here

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1 y ago

Oh come on now, that's no answer. It's another sales pitch. The original poster brings up a great question and all you guys can do is respond with a sales pitch?! Weak!I have to admit the O.P. is a little naive when he asks about giving the long time Virgin 

customers some kind of 'deal', when we all know how you guys treat existing long time customers, (like they owe you money') of course. I'll tell you what long time loyalty gets you in the end... Bupkis.  Cheers