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Sun, Jul 14, 2019 4:00 PM

About to cancel my service! Absolutely despicable service!

OK, just yesterday, Dat, July 13, 2019, around 4:30PM eastern time, I visited the Boost Mobile retale store in Indian Trail North Carolina. I currently live in Lancaster South Carolina. Zip code is 2 9 7 2 0. My nearest cross streets would probably be something like Tranquility BLVD and Van Wyck. I live in the Treetops community. For security, I'd publicly rather not say any more than that.

We had Verizon, but due to this being a very new area still under some construction with new houses being built by Lennar, we don't have a lot of coverage out here with them. We found however that a friend of our's was using Boost Mobile, and was getting about 3 to 4 full bars of service, as aposed to with Verizon, I was only getting maybe 1 bar if I was lucky. For this reason, my family talked, and my mother agreed to get my brother and me a Boost mobile account, then we'd just pay her back each month. So, again, we went to the Indian Trail NC store. Both of us got the Moto G7 Play.

First off, the very basic questions I asked about coverage, and plans went totally over the lady's head that was helping us. I started by asking things like, "How close is the nearest tower to our home address." She had no clue, and said she had no way to look that up specifically. I asked about how to set up my visual voicemail. "Oh, that's not included for free, you gotta pay for voicemail, and oh, by the way, it's not compatible with your model handset.", which I know is utter baloni.

I asked if my phone would eventually support 5G once the service coverage rolled out into my area, or whether it only would do LTE. She told me she had no idea what LTE even was. She said she'd heard of LG phones, and asked me, is LTE another type of phone? I looked her straight in the eyes, and told her with a major stinkeye, give me a freaking break! You know, LTE, the acronym that means "let teachers educate?" Just kidding, but no seriously, I really did say that, just as that was so idiotic that she had no clue!

I asked what type network they ran off of, like, GSM, CDMA, etc. She's like, we run off of sim. We use a sim card. I was like, erm, uh, sorry dude, that don't fly. That's not what I'm talking about. Duh! I know that much.

Anyway, long story short, we wound up despite my scepticism, signing up and my brother and I both got the $50.00 unlimited gigs talk text and data plan.

We told the lady at the store both my brother and I, happen to be totally blind. No guys, that's not being used as an idiomatic expression. I am being totally literal here. Genetically, we both were born blind at birth. When the lady heard this, she was even less willing to assist us. Basically, she just kind a blew us off, like, oh you poor little blind guys. It made us all furious! No, she didn't literally say that, but that was kind of the vibe she gave off.

Anyway, now comes my sauga. So, we get in the car, no, I didn't drive, ha ha. That would a been a little scarey. LOL! Anyway, and on the way home, I was trying to set up my new phone. The basic stuff like signing into Google, activating my cellular network services, yoddie yodda, turning on the Talkback accessibility feature, etc. All was going flawlessly, and I gotta tell ya, I was actually at first quite impressed with the responsiveness of the phone.

I am thinking, man! for a snapdragon processor, probably an octicore, God knows the ram, this is pretty impressive!

Well, that was great until I decided to open up Chrome, and browse the web a bit on the way home. I open Chrome, and get presented with a blank browser screen and the bar not moving to load any page. So, I tap on the address bar, and type in the URL to a very simple website. My own, ha ha.

Normally, this page loads in nothing flat! Blink of an eye. Well with this, I sat there and practically on the 45 minute way back home, wated over 10 minutes. Nothing happened. Finally after about 15 minutes, I was told no internet. Please check my mobile data connection. I power cycled the phone. NO good. I finally got home, and got on my wifi internet home conection. Internet came right up, and things absolutely flew, as they should have. I then went into Settings, network and internet, and turned off wifi. As soon as I did, bam! Again, absolutely no data. I should add in the car and also at home, I was averaging around 3.75 to 4 bars of service consistently.

When connected to my home wifi, not that this is rellavent, but I had the full 3 bars of wifi signal, so absolutely flawless.

I tried updating the PRL, no good. I updated the profile, no good. My software was totally up to date on the March 2019 security patch of Android 9.0 Pie. Was gonna update to the Android Q beta, but it's not compatible, but anyway, that's neither here nor there. LOL!

Finally, at my last resort whit's end, I factory reset the phone. That definitely did get data working on the mobile network, which is good, however, as you probably by now guessed, if you've read many other threads up here on the forums, yup? You guessed it! Super super dynomite slow! I'm probably getting .01Mbps. So basicly a hundreth! of a megabit per second. Can I hear you say, slower than GPRS by far? I mean **bleep**! This makes GPRS look like a DS3 fiber line! Christ! Now, bringing up anything like Google, or something real simple takes practically almost 5 minutes just to even think about loading, let alone actually do so. Obviously, the play store takes about the same time to load anything, Youtube, you might as well have a fox land on the moon.

When I called Boost today, I was told oh, it's the tower most likely in your area. We need to get network team leads out there to look at it and see what's wrong, I explained, this isn't a tower issue. They didn't listen until I finally told them, Lookat! I work in the I.T business field. I am cisco network certified, Microsoft certified, Novel Network back in the days certified, Apple certified, and just recently, A+ certified. Trust me. I'm not stupid! I know my stuff, and get paied for a reason for what I do. This morning, I was about 20 miles away from the cross streets I mentioned earlier. There's no way in Gods word that I could have been geographically connected to the same GSHR tower. How in the world to I know an internal term of GSHR, which mainly only employees would know about? Don't ask. I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya. LOL! Just know, I do, don't ask questions. Just give me answers. I"m not here to tell you Boost agents how I have this knowledge. That's none a your business, putting it quite bluntly. That isn't your concern. I can tell you I was having 20 miles roughly away the same darn problem. This was at Forest Hill Church in Waxhaw North Carolina. You agents will have to Google the address, as right now, I'm not where I can. Even if I could, I wouldn't. I'm not waisting my time, when I know the individual tower near me in Lancaster isn't the issue. I can tell you when 20 miles away, I was on Kenzington Drive in Waxhaw NC. Zip is 2 8 1 7 3.

I'm told by boost good LTE coverage there, which I can confirm, as I had 4 bars, yet, still until connected to the church's wifi, I had nothing! Voice worked fine there, as it does here in Lancaster, but very slow if any mobile data.

I've disabled and re-enabled mobile data, I redid all the other things mentioned above before I factory reset like the PRL, disabling roming, setting the prefered network to LTE/CDMA, and also tried CDMA only, neither one helped.

I've called Boost and been deregistered from the local tower then re-registered. My brother is having identically the same problems. I'm told by Kim in advanced level 2 tech support that it may be my phone is dammaged, or my sim card is one. Excuse me. Come on! really? Seriously? Give me, for God sake, a break! If it were my phone, or my sim card, then why is my brother also having the same issue down to a T. And, further, why is it that a friend of mine on Boost, same general geographic area with the Stylos 4 from LG is having this issue, not even on my same account. So it's probably I'm guessing not an account provisioning thing either, although it may be. I really don't know. If it was the handset, or the sim card, then their phones would be working fine. It's not just my area either. I mean great balls of fire! We got people up here on the forums from the L A area in California among all places. I mean come on! Hollywood! L.A! You think the Charlotte NC area is big near where I live, you ain't seen nothing yet as Bocman Turner Overdrive would sing. LOL! L.A's huge! Freakin' huge! Yet, even people there! were having issues reported, yet even they! are told the same thing. Oh, it's your phone, oh it's a tower.

Come on. Agents, I'm not sure what tool software package you all backbone off of any longer to manage your customers' accounts, but I know back in the Windows XP days, for the longest time, I'm technically probably not supposed to know this nor say this, but I"m going to, so, get over it! I know back then, you all used Ensemble. Do you still? I doubt it, as I think Ensemble is kind a legacy dead now, but I know at least back then, it had the ability of diagnosing things like this. I know there were places to update APN provisioning on a customer's profile, as well as to look at the current settings. All be it you may have to sha hash decrypt the file to see it, but come on! the checking of integrity of these settings against the checksum of what they should be shouldn't be that hard to reference/compare between regardless what CMS you all use.

I could tell you all other things to check, but that's not my job. You all are the ones who're supposed to be trained, not me. I'm not the employee. You all are, so, what gives the mustard seed! Wake up Rainbow sunshine! It's not the tower most likely, at least if it is, it's more on a global level, not an individual GSHR, it's not the PUK, and I highly doubt it's the sim's MEID not matching up either. I also doubt the IMSI is the issue.The ICCID and IMEI are showing up to match correctly by my device when I talk to Boost. I gave them both to them, and they confirmed yes that is what is registered provisioned in their system. So no mismatching going on. No crosslay fusions on the PSDN trunk relay.

It's almost like my data some how is getting prioritized to WAP speeds rather than standard WAN data.

I'm not behind a VPN, or any sort of proxy, nor firewall, as the issue lies totally in the mobile data, not on wifi.

Tethering services are disabled, and so are hotspot services, so they are not eating up bandwidth.

When I do a ping, I'm seeing round trip over 50 packets sent of 800ms, so almost a full second. Just from my local IP I get through my mobile data, when data even loadz at all, which I bet is dynamic, not statuc, I'm showing that just to navigate to the boost mobile website is taking over 300 hops according to the tracert I performed with ADB into my phone. That's freaking ridiculous! When I look at the tracert log, and then I query the dns locations of each hop's IP, it's jumping all over the place geographically, almost at what seems to be total random.

I'm not sure what to do, but this needs to be fixed! I got an active case opened with Boost level 2 advanced support. It's case ID: i1806652534.

In case it matters, I'm on Android 9.0 build PCY29.105-59, and I'm told no software update is available.

Thank you.



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We are so sorry to hear about this experience, godslove2019. We definitely want to check this thing out. Can you please send us a private message with your phone number and PIN?


To send a private message just click on the picture of any Boost Mobile agent and, in the next screen, click "send this user a private message". 

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Hey RossyC. Thank you for your prompt response; It's very greatly appreciated.

I just private messed you. Hopefully I did it correctly and the info didn't leak out here publicly, as if it did, we're in trouble. LOL! I'm pretty confident I did it correctly though. I'll be awaiting a response either privately, or publicly. By default, am I supposed to get e-mails notifying me of private messages? If not, then once on community.boostmobile.com, and logged in, where then do I go to find my private messages? Actually, even if I do get notified by default via e-mail, this still might be good information to know anyway, just in case. Again, thank you for your help, and I pray you have a delightful rest of your day.

God bless,


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