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Sun, Jan 28, 2018 8:00 AM

$50 Unlimited plan, yet extremely slow data speeds

I am on the $50 unlimited data plan, and was told that my data speed would never be throttled. I am now being sent text messages stating that if I reach 23 gigs, that I could experience slowed data speed. The network is slow enough without slowing my speeds. If this happens, then you flat out lied. It shows LTE on my phone, but it's very slow to be LTE. President Trump gave you corporations big breaks on regulations and taxes. Boost needs to stop playing games and start giving your loyal customers a break.


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8 m ago

Sorry to hear that. Can you send us a private message with your phone number and PIN so we can look into this?

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8 m ago

Same problem , they act like there's a problem and they want you to send a private message but it's the same thing Everytime, the phones are working fine , they are doing it , when you pay for unlimited data plan your not getting unlimited and even if it gets slowed after 23g that's still is not getting unlimited like it says you need to change it to up to 23g of high speed data in the ad instead of unlimited. And I'm not going to send a message or my zip or the make and model of my phone because the problem is the data that you are slowing !!!! And speaking of "slow" data, it's not slow it's almost non existent because you can't even load a web page up at all so it's no good at all. Do you really think people are going to keep paying you for this no good service?

3 m ago

PSA.      Anyone reading this do not try any troubleshooting it’s all a waste of time just switch carriers boost went off the deep end.