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Tue, Jan 22, 2019 5:00 PM

Motorola Phone Issues

After reading several posts from a couple of years back to recent from people who have had the exact same issue as myself with a variety of moto phones it seems there is a big issue with the moto phones staying connected to the internet. Obviously this is an issue Boost Mobile is aware of and yet they still offer the moto phones for sale. I was one of the unfortunate people who bought one and now I can't get boost to refund my money though it was bought in the boost website in November 2018 as a Christmas gift. I begun asking for a refund shortly after Christmas. I was told by boost to work with Motorola, which I did. I finally received a new phone January 18, 2019 and had the exact same issue with it not staying connected to the internet. I called boost again and asked for a refund. Again they refused. This time because it wasn't the original phone. WTF if they had refunded my money in the first place I wouldn't have a replacement phone. After a post on Boost mobile community I was contacted and asked to send a private message which I did. To make a long story short, they offered me $60 to rectify the situation. I declined as that was less than half the price I paid for the phone. Boost is a company that obviously doesn't care about its customers. As soon as my month with boost is up I'm going with Metro PCS, as are all my friends who signed up with boost because of me. By the way, I have been a boost customer for 8 years. And this is how they treat someone who has always been in good standing and never been late on a payment. To everyone who has problems with boost, let me tell you that I also posted my issue in their Facebook page and numerous other websites so others will be aware of how their customers are treated when they receive a phone that does not work on boosts network. I would hate for others to be out money like I am and I have only told the truth on every site I have posted my issue with boost. I have every email to back up my claim from boost and Motorola


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