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Sun, Apr 14, 2019 7:00 PM

Is the Moto G7 no longer compatible with Boost Mobile?

Last month I bought the Moto G7 and got it activated on Boost with quite a bit of effort. Now a Motorola agent has told another customer at Amazon that the phone is not compatible with Boost Mobile. Furthermore, their website which stated earlier that it was compatible with Boost Mobile says it no longer is. So why did this happen and can I expect my phone to continue working. I have two family members on my Boost account who want a G7,  but if it is not working, we may have to find another carrier.


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If a claim is published about a product, dont they have to follow through with it? Like if lower price is printed in advertisements and its wrong, they have to honor it. If it says somewhere it's compatible, don't they have to honor it?

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So if you do not have a list of phones that work on the Boost network, how do y'all know which ones work?

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Hi there, @Choderus. You'd need to check the device IMEI to see if it's compatible. To do so, use this link:

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I have a a new  g7 power. Boost customer now after automatically being rolled over from Virgin Mobile. Was a pain all the around to get Boost to activate it. Store reps want to say boost only has ONE Sims card but the one that worked was not their new expanded network (5g?) Sims card, it was their one that says Boost, Sprint, AND Virgin on the Sims card-supposedly keeps you on the old network-3g?, 4g? But it's working....

Kudos to a couple of their the phone reps who helped a lot--was a pain,  but 4 phone calls, and 3 trips to their store  and success. AND TO BOOSTS HEAD HONCHOS.... NO CUSTOMER SHOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT MANY HOOPS