Sun, Nov 21, 2021 2:44 AM

Time frame for unlocking my phone

Maybe I don’t understand what’s involved in truly unlocking a phone so another SIM card will work but I started this process Wednesday and today (Saturday) Boost customer service said yes, the phone is unlocked. Never got any notifications. Tried the new sim again, called THAT carrier (who has already transferred my number over and said everything ready on their end) with an MSL code given to me by Boost. They can do nothing and there was no prompt to enter that code. It just seems like the timeframe is very much a guess, even to Boost. When asked if maybe it would actually be unlocked in a few hours, the answer was “that’s possible “. Can ANYONE out there tell me if they’ve had a similar situation and can tell me how long this process took (if it actually did, lol). Should I expect hours, days, or weeks?! THANKS!

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