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Sat, Jul 20, 2019 12:00 AM

Motorola e5 Plus hotspot connection issues

When I connect my laptop to my phones hotspot the laptop wifi constantly has issues staying connected to my hotspot. When I use someone else's hotspot who has boost mobile also it has no issues with staying connected. Any ideas what the problem is?


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2 y ago

Hi there DevilsRose91. Can you connect your hotspsot to another device with no problem? 

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2 y ago

Haven't really connect another device to the hotspot. Will give it a try.

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2 y ago

I have a Motorola e5 Plus which has been having problems with the hotspot for about 2 months now....I have to go through a whole process of resetting the wireless setting then rebooting the phone to MAYBE getting it to work. This happened after a couple of updates. Now, my husband's e4 plus had an update this weekend and it gives an error that he has not subscribed to the use of the hotspot through Boost, when we have. Please help us with this Motorola's! We never had these problems with our LGs nor Samsung's!

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Hi there, Mnscalhoun. Thanks for contacting us. 


Please, send us a private message with the phone number and PIN to check the account.