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Sat, May 25, 2019 8:00 PM

Moto G7 Power activation on Boost

I'm thinking about getting the Moto G7 Power from Motorola, and want to activate it on my boost account. I saw that it says its compatible with boost but saw many people having problems getting it hooked up. Was anyone able to get this hooked up properly? Or should I not even order it. I need to get a new phone to replace my Galaxy S8 since the battery is not holding up anymore.

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1 y ago

As of February 16 2020, I was able to get my Unlocked Moto G7 Power from Amazon ACTIVATED.
1. Buy this Specific SIM Card:
I Highly recommend calling a couple boost stores and see if any hold this card. Ask for SIMOLW516TQ, they might know it by the Letter D imprinted on the Card.
After Calling a couple of boost Mobile stores I was able to go pick one up

(Not many stores held this card for some reason, and don't expect the Boost Mobile Customer Service to give you this card, as they told me they wanted me to get SIMOLW506TQ Which they told me they don't have)
If ordering the card from Amazon, then be wary of this Seller: Bedfordwest (Amazon Choice)
As they sent me the wrong card, and it's apparently happened to others before.
(They sent me SIMOLW506TQ which was the one Boost Customer Service told me I needed AND which Does Not Work so don't buy this one)
2. After Obtaining SIMOLW516TQ, Just input the phones IMEI and the Sim Cards ICCID on the boost website and you should be good to go!
3. Also, go to Settings on your phone and change Preferred Network Type to LTE if not already on it.