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Sun, Jul 1, 2018 1:00 PM

IMS registration status says I'm not registered or is false. What does that mean? Motog6 play

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3 y ago

Forgive me for the late response. By private message you mean my phone number?

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3 y ago

Understood. Please send us a PM with your phone number, so we can escalate this situation to our network team. 

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3 y ago

I do this daily to these Moto g6 play is garbage, my 50$ samsung j3 was 10x better than this pos, you'd think spending more on the phone its software would be way better an **bleep** would lag or not even connect to the network, an also most of the apps just load an load an I have to reset the network then turn the phone off then back on an it will work for a short period of time, this phone is junk as **** an regret buying the God dam thing I'll stay with lg or Samsung, this g6 play is the worse phone I have ever had I would never recommend it to anyone

3 y ago

My Moto e5 plus my I'm not registered

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3 y ago

Hi there! We’d be happy to help. Could you give us more details about it?