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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 7:00 PM

Can my locked Boost Mobile still connect to WiFi if I cancel my plan after it is activated?

I bought a Boost Mobile Moto G Fast that can't access wifi unless you activate a plan. I bought a plan and activated the phone, but if I cancel the plan will the phone be able to still access wifi since I already activated the phone?

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1 y ago

So sorry to hear about this experience, @PhiOmicronXi. We want to help! We value your privacy and security. Due to the nature of your concern, we would like to authenticate your account, but for us to do this in a secure way we need to take this to a private channel where we can discuss private account information. Please send us a private message along with your phone number, the PIN and a brief description of your request. To send a private message, click on any of the social care agents user names and select the option send this user a private message.