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Fri, Oct 4, 2019 5:00 AM

Still haven't found a solution to the LGG6 bluetooth problem... does the phone insurance cover it?

Hello everyone,,

I've tried Googling how to fix the solution and tried EVERY troubleshoot. Doing a complete reset was the very first thing I did when I got the phone (the bluetooth already wasn't working out the box). Even though it's annoying, I've been able to use most other features of the phone fine- I can still communicate with people, so the bluetooth wasn't a huge priority and I figured I'd get to it later, maybe the phone insurance would help, at I can trade it in for something different (apparently I can't with this phone Smiley Mad). It's kind of frustrating paying for a phone that only partly works.


TL;DR I thought I could fix this bluetooth problem, but I haven't been able to- it just doesn't work. I'm wondering if phone insurance can cover it or if I can swap a new phone, even if I'm using an LG G6.



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a year ago

Hey there, Sorry to hear that you had to experience this issue with the Bluetooth feature. Please be advised that if the issue is a phone related issue or a software related issue, the Warranty can cover that. Is it a Bluetooth connectivity issue? Would you mind telling us more about your experience?