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Sun, Aug 23, 2020 4:00 PM

LG Tribute Empire Internet Speed and Connection Issues

I didn't know whether to put this post in this topic or Paying, Billing, & Account. I'm putting it here.

I'm having issues with my internet connection and speed since the 20th of this month. It either takes a really long time to load or it doesn't load at all. Sometimes it loads as fast as it's supposed to but that would only last a few minutes before it decides to take forever to load again. It switches back and forth between not loading or actually loading at normal speed. I had a hard time just loading this page to write this.

I did not run out of data because I did not receive a text message saying how much data I have left. I have almost full bars and the LTE symbol is there. I updated it immediately when the phone notified me of a software update. And I got the notification " Unable to connect to a wireless data connection " thing about two - three times now. Funny thing is, it wasn't behaving like this when I was at a friend's house. It worked completely fine over there. Now when I am home or anywhere but there, it doesn't load as fast anymore.

I have a LG Tribute Empire which I got back in January of this year. I do not have WiFi. I use my mobile data. I have a feeling that I have been hacked. I would love to hear some feedback, advice, or tips.


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Hi there hellsing_vamp66. Thank you fro contacting us. Please allow us to look into this by sending us a private message with your phone number, pin code and address. victor21