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Mon, Aug 12, 2019 3:00 AM

How can we fight off the Robo Calls?

Been with BoostMobile for about 5 or more years now and enjoy the savings I get for using a company that piggy-backs its service off of one of the major players (Sprint).

I understand that there are sacrifices in customer service, phone selection, etc. that you have to put up with in order to be okay with being a satisfied Boost customer.

That said, I’m sure I’m not the only person who is bombarded with Robo Calls, and is annoyed every **bleep**ing time my phone rings now, because I know it’s about 10 times more likely to be some random ass number from who knows where calling about “student loans” or “health insurance” or the “local authorities”....

I’ve taken the steps to put my information on the government do not contact list and that did nothing.

There are several apps that say they offer relief but they charge a monthly fee and don’t say that they work for Boost Mobile users.

Other carriers have come out recently with their own free to their customers Apps that supposedly promise some sort of relief... so I ask BOOST - where’s our help?


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2 y ago

Hello @jwalakhan. We understand your concern. We could recommend to try the CallWatch app.


CallWatch is a Call and Text blocking service. You can download the CallWatch app and subscribe to CallWatch for $2/mo to get real-time alerts on all suspicious and unwanted incoming calls and text messages.  


Key features include:


  • ScamBlock: automatic detection and blocking of scam calls
  • Unlimited call blocking
  • Unlimited real-time caller ID
  • Unlimited reporting of abusive numbers
  • Unlimited reverse number lookup
  • Real-time call interaction with CallWatch Call Center
  • Ability to block calls by name (all known numbers used by the same company)
  • Ability to report abusive calls and texts directly to federal agencies


You can find more information on the following link https://www.boostmobile.com/support/faq/plans-services/callwatch.html?id16=callwatch.