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Sun, Jul 8, 2018 5:00 PM

Please stop selling phones with bloatware/un-removable bloatware on it

Why do you all sell phones with useless bloatware on it? Can you all stop selling phones with this junk on the phone? Just sell us a phone that has the main apps that you need to work the phone  with. If people wants boost zone and FB they can down them from the play store right? All it does is slow the phone down and take up space which is  already low to start with. This bloatware takes up valuable storage space, clutters your list of installed apps, and may even run automatically at startup, draining battery power in the background. 


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3 y ago

Doubt that will EVER happen. Me, I just disable what I cannot Uninstaller. Also use app to control what get auto-started when phone boots.
Seems to have helped quite a bit too.