Fri, Jan 14, 2022 11:10 AM

Phone was previously unlocked after factory reset it is now again locked

As previously stated in title the phone was previously unlocked after factory reset it is locked to boost mobile again! This is problematic as boost mobile is soon to be shut down do to some feud between boost and t-mobile something about boost not being able to provide service to 70% of the US. And t mobile saying they was taking down the 3g towers that are used by boost mobile even boost mobiles 5g devices operates on those 3g towers and with that said that means those of us who have boost mobile will have nothing more than expensive paperweights as the devices will no longer work on any network due to the fact that they are currently blocked to Boost Mobile. So after resetting my device i bought from a friend who called up boost and had the phone unlocked for me so i could use it on walmarts family mobile the device says unsupported sim simcard is not boost mobile... I call boost customer service who then tells me they can not help me as i cant provide the phone number that was used on this device.... So that gave me a idea can you unlock it via the imei since the sim card would have linked with the imei and boost could then see the phone number that was used on the device witch would then allow them to unlock a device that hey had already unlocked so they claim to have tried then the lady started to read off the phone number associated with the imei then told me she couldnt unlock it unless i could give her the phone number! Now im being to get pissed off as it has been unlocked before and honestly i dont give a flying fuck about your 1 yr of service requirement for unlocking since your going out of business anyways and i feel you should unlock all the devices as of this month since by june your towers are said to be taken down any how and you wouldn't be able to provide service to any device at that point... You guys did almost the same thing to me 2 years ago when i got the moto g6 play and had it on the boost mobile network for 14months and decided i wanted to switch to family mobile but since i change my phone number frequently i was told the devices phone number had only been activated for 3 months and there was nothing they could do to help me.... As i said then until i was blue in the face the phone its self had boost service for a total of 14 months boost unlocking policy is 1 year = 12month but i changed the phone number 3 months before trying to unlock the device and was told they cant unlock it because the number itself had only been activated for 3 months.... Needless to say i unlocked that device without boost mobile and without paying some other unlocking service and since have unlocked more moto g6 plays then i can remember that was all locked to boost mobile witch i told the customer service rep i would do if they didnt help me.... Now it seems that i will once again set out to find a way to unlock this phone from boost mobile and then test the way that works on more then just this device and offer to unlock all boost mobile devices regardless of how long its had service or when they purchased it or if they even purchased the device at all.... I enjoy hacking all types of electronics and ethical hacking in general and im more then capable of exploiting the device to unlock it and or finding on the phones motherboard the clicks that keep the device locked that if removed would then permanently unlock the device from boost mobile other wise known as a hardware lock unlock aka hardware lock bypass and will post to share with everyone how to do this... If you continue to act as if you cant use the imei to get the "information" "phone number" to unlock the phone when i as any one experienced with phone hacking knows the devices phone number has nothing to do with unlocking the devices imei on the other hand does and the msl, and or dsu code can be found via adb... Android debugging tools and exploring the devices code... All i wish is to use the phone that has been unlocked with whatever service provider i want and you guys arent playing very fair so last chance to play fair and unlock the phone once again for me and i wont expose how to unlock your devices without having your service for a yr refuse to and ill post links to the tool i use to unlock every other device along with the needed files and libraries needed for the tool to unlock the devices automatically 

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