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Tue, Mar 28, 2017 12:00 PM

LG - Volt 2 (LS751) Security Update - LS751ZV9

LG - Volt 2 (LS751)

Software Version: LS751ZV9
Release Date: 3/28/2017
Method: Available Over the Air

Android Security Updates


4 y ago

Hi Seawolf,

Is it possible to obtain the of this release?

My phone is stuck at boot but I can acces recovery.

Thanks in advance.


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4 y ago

Hi @StrifeSephiroth, sorry for the delayed response.  Unfortunately, we don't have a method of sending the .zip file to you.  If you've reset, you might be able to get the update to trigger on it's own.  You could also stop by a Boost location and see if they're able to reload Anroid, but I can't promise a location will be able to help or if able, that they'll do it for free.

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3 y ago

Hi seawolf my phone stuck on boost..pls help me to use my phone in any other sim..thank you..